Soarability | Drone-based Air Pollutant Mapping


Applications of Hyper-local Air Pollutant Information

Environmental Monitoring
Efficiently and accurately locate suspected pollution sources in industrial areas, construction sites and ports.

Emergency Response
Quickly evaluate the concentrations of pollutants and the spatial extent of contaminants in harzardous accidents.

Pipeline & Tank Inspection
Find suspected leakages in tanks and pipelines by mapping CH4, H2S and VOCs distributions.

Environmental Evaluation

Evaluate the environment more efficiently and reduce cost.

Academic Research
Help research teams easily obtain rich air quality & pollutant information in 3D.

Asset Monitoring
Reveal potential anomalies in chemical plants by periodically monitoring air pollutant distributions

Smart Cities
Make smarter management decisions using hyper-local air quality information. For example force HPEV to EV mode in heavily polluted urban areas.

Precision Marketing
Provide precision marketing to groups exposed to different air quality levels.

Personal Lifestyle
Use hyper-local air quality information to support decision making in daily life such as whether to open the window, skin care, travel plan etc.

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